Construction Updates

We're now finishing renovations on the first building! What's going on over there anyway? Check out our progress including an exciting assortment of holes being made and filled!


Fundraising updates

It takes a village and then some! Le Mondo is being realized through blood, sweat, and tears, alongside the diverse support of the city, state, and, most importantly, individual donors like yourself. Together, we're making the seemingly impossible a lasting reality.


Nice Words From Others

Trying not to blush but we're not the only ones excited for the future of Le Mondo and its ongoing success. Check out the buzz from Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Magazine, and others!


Le Mondo House Policies

As an artist-owned performance venue, live/work studio space, and community-focused cafe and bar, we are breaking new ground in Baltimore. As leaders in one sense, we hope to lead in other ways too. This Code of Ethics is a declaration of our organization’s intentions and standards for creating and maintaining a safe, radical, and transformational space of art and community innovation.

We champion and commit ourselves to the following principles:

  • Unjuried and uncensored art and programming.

  • Creating and maintaining live/work spaces that are safe and accessible to all people and walks of life, free from harassment and discrimination.

  • Actively supporting and highlighting a diversity of art-makers and art-lovers regardless of age, physical limitations, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. This will be achieved through both programming choices, studio allocation, and staffing.

  • Providing open platforms for expression and intersection.

  • Providing support and sharing institutional knowledge with other artists, from grant-writing to navigating real estate.

  • Cultivating an environment of experimentation, mutual respect, and transparent ongoing dialogue in the interest of growth, radical transformation, and a deeper understanding of our work and the work of our invested communities.

  • Acknowledging the limitations of ourselves today while laboring toward a more positive and impactful future.

  • Leading with empathy and integrity, and an overarching goal of fostering kindness and compassion toward each other and the world around us.

  • Working to achieve all the above, while searching out and amplifying other voices in our community.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is intended to describe the expectations and responsibilities of board members, management, staff, tenants, event and space renters, and volunteers of Le Mondo. As a radically minded arts organization, we aim to be an accessible, equitable, respectful, and safe space for all who wish to create and enjoy art in Baltimore City.

To read the full text of Le Mondo's Code of Conduct, click HERE.