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Le Mondo is...

an artist-run space project based in downtown Baltimore, USA!

The project was founded by local artists in 2014 to address the ongoing lack of safe, accessible, artist-owned spaces to make and present work in the city.

From the seeds of that vision, Le Mondo has grown into a grassroots initiative that is redeveloping three vacant buildings into an artist-owned multi-use hub for performing arts and radical community collaborations.
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What we do

Pulse - Talbolt Johnson - EMP - 2016.JPG
We run space for art:
It's a performance venue, bar, and community gathering space with affordable artist studios that we created out of a gutted former movie theater! Here, we produce performance programming focused on new works development, interdisciplinary collaboration, and experimentation. We also host artist-organized events and affordable venue rentals of all kinds.

We make space for art:
We acquired and built out our venue which opened in 2019. We are also developing our two vacant buildings next door with plans to include affordable artist live-work apartments, a cafe, and storefront space!


Why we are doing it...

To provide truly affordable and sustainable space for artists and small community organizations in Baltimore to expand their practice, grow their businesses, and in turn pay themselves and their collaborators.

To cultivate a permanent hub for the appreciation and incubation of new, daring performance work while bringing new life to a once-thriving corridor in the city.

To create a new model for cultural economy that empowers its constituents and transforms its surroundings.
Le Mondo Opening stills RKK-7.jpg
Flatland - Ariel Pink - EMP - 2017.JPG
  • Risk-taking, bold, and unusual art and programming.
  • Creating and maintaining live/work spaces that are safe and accessible to all people and walks of life, free from harassment and discrimination.
  • Advancing racial and gender equity through our organizational training, programming, staffing, and community partnerships.
  • Actively supporting and highlighting a diversity of art-makers and art-lovers regardless of age, physical limitations, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Providing open platforms for expression and intersection.
  • Providing support and sharing institutional knowledge with other artists, from grant-writing to navigating real estate.
  • Cultivating an environment of experimentation, mutual respect, and transparent ongoing dialogue in the interest of growth, radical transformation, and a deeper understanding of our work and the work of our invested communities.
  • Acknowledging the limitations of ourselves today while laboring toward a more positive and impactful future.
  • Leading with empathy and integrity, and an overarching goal of fostering kindness and compassion toward each other and the world around us.
  • Working to achieve all the above, while searching out and amplifying other voices in our community.

What we are about...

Le Mondo is led by...

Founding Artistic Director
Carly J. Bales

Venue and Programs Manager
Tiaira Harris

Board of Directors
Carly J. Bales
Laure Drogoul
Kanika Feaster
Peter Fillat
April Lewis
Maggie Villegas

Tech Director In Memorium
David Crandall

Le Mondo Opening stills RKK-2.jpg
Mojuba Duo Nik Francis Baltimore Music Le Mondo

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Pictures and updates on the project and what we are up to.




Check out our calendar for the latest events.

Press and
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Read the buzz about the project and download a press kit.


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Le Mondo

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