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Artist in Quarantine Spotlight: Übrgrl

Who we’re crushing on: Übrgrl Where they are based: the DMV

What catches our eye: Soothing vocals

Übrgrl’s smooth R+B style will put you to sleep, quite literally. Their single, which they graciously recorded for us in their own living space, “Cotton Candy Dream” likens to that of the honey vocals of singers like Kali Uchis and Alina Baraz. 

When they aren’t turning look after look on their Instagram in their iconic outfits and makeup, they have been posting songs on Soundcloud and Spotify that are jazzy with a hint of synth. Every detail of a performance is incredibly important to them, particularly in the current streaming era of music.

Their self-made commitment to collaborate with us mid-pandemic is what makes us swoon!

Listen to Übrgrl on Soundcloud, Spotify, and follow them on Instagram.


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