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Artist Spotlight: Ariel Cavalcante Foster

In Plain Sight(site), a short-run performance series at Le Mondo, continues this Thursday, June 24th. We are highlighting all the wonderful and diverse performers of the evening. Follow us on Instagram @lemondoarts for more!

Ariel Cavalcante Foster

Ariel Cavalcante Foster (she/they) is a raw movement dancer and ritual space holder. Their performance practice is rooted in the innate desire to move and has led her to practice contemporary dances, salsa, meringue, bachata, samba, experimental dance and ritual movement. Their practice is embodied and expressed through their visual art practice, dance performances, latinx dance collective and personal and communal dance rituals. Most recently, they have seeded a series of movements to nurture our subtle bodies and strengthen our connection to our vessels.

She has exhibited work throughout the East Coast including New Woman’s Space (NY), Vox Populi (PA), Pigment Sauvage, The Strathmore Mansion, MONO Practice, The Menial Collection, Resort, Palacio del Sol and Area 405 (MD). Their work is part of Goucher College Library and Special Collections and is a recipient of the Rosenberg Travel scholarship.

Ariel’s organizational work includes leading art workshops via Ritmo Studio, co-directing The Parlour (an arts, music and community space) and being an active member of several artist-run collective initiatives.

Learn more about Ariel's work Follow Ariel on Instagram: @arielcfoster

Photo Credit: Yassine El Mansouri


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