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Artist Spotlight: Collin Schnitker + Grufton

IN PLAIN SIGHT(site) is the immersive performance series we’ve been doing all this past year during the pandemic. Each iteration, a cycle of artists present new work exploring the concept of PORTALS. Audiences are led through the performances as they rise and fall across the space.

In part four of IN PLAIN SIGHT(site), a new cycle of artists continue this exploration of portals and doorways to other realities on Friday, November 5, 2021. We're highlighting the artists you'll see all this week!

About Collin and Dan

Collin Schnitker & Daniel “Grufton” Gurley are life-long friends who have collaborated for years and recently started a label Shiny Boy Press. Between Grufton’s ambient sonic landscapes & Collin’s use of visual synthesis, the duo are guaranteed to transport the spectator through a place unfamiliar yet comforting.


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