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Resident Artist Spotlight: Laure Drogoul

This week we're highlighting Le Mondo's resident artists participating in Baltimore's Bromo Arts Walk. Find more about the June 23rd art event HERE!


Laure Drogoul is an interdisciplinary artist, olfactory spelunker, and cobbler of situations based in Baltimore, Maryland. Laure works with a wide range of media including projects in which she creates sculpture, performance and theatrical events that invite the viewer to be an active participant.

She has exhibited and performed internationally and nationally, including The International House of Japan in Tokyo, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington Project for the Arts, The Walters Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art as well as many street corners, alleys, and underutilized urban spaces.

She has received Maryland State Artist Awards and a Franklin Furnace Award for performance art and has been a recipient of a US/Japan Creative Artist Fellowship. In 2006, Ms.Drogoul was honored with Baltimore’s Janet and Walter Sondheim Prize.

More on her work HERE

Connect with Laure: @lauredrogoul

At 8PM, Laure will be performing a short piece inspired by the Bromo Arts District with Noelle Tolbert and Carly J Bales. This piece, Memory Foam, was originally presented at Center Stage in February 2022.


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