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Artist Spotlight: Laure Drogoul & Carly J Bales

In Plain Sight(site), our short series of distanced performance events this fall, kicks off Saturday, November 21st, at 7PM. We are highlighting all the wonderful and diverse performers of the evening. Follow us on Instagram @lemondoarts for more!

Laure Drogoul and Carly J Bales are the co-organizers of this event series. They will be performing as well!


Laure Drogoul is an interdisciplinary artist, olfactory spelunker, and cobbler of situations who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Laure works with a wide range of media including sculpture, performance, and events that invite the viewer to be an active participant. Laure Drogoul founded The 14Karat Cabaret, a performance project located at Maryland Art Place and is a co-organizer and curator of the Transmodern Festival, which is a festival of provocative works by cultural experimenters from Baltimore and beyond. More on her work:


Carly J Bales is a performance artist, director, and arts organizer based in Baltimore. Her work explores femininity and gender dynamics, power and control, intimacy and strangeness, through performance, and often, a healthy dose of humor. This work ranges from live performance and experimental theater to video. She was the Founding Artistic Director of EMP Collective, a beloved independent art space in Baltimore from 2011-2018. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Le Mondo from 2014 - present. More on her work:


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