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Artist Spotlight: Meg Spectre

In Plain Sight(site), a short-run performance series at Le Mondo, continues this Thursday, June 24th. We are highlighting all the wonderful and diverse performers of the evening. Follow us on Instagram @lemondoarts for more!

Meg Spectre

Amelia “Meg Spectre” Sylvor Greenberg (she/her) is an interdisciplinary performance artist from New York City. Through video, live performance, ephemera, lore-building and memes, all of which employ para-fictional persona, earnest specificity and honesty in tandem with misdirection, and a recontextualization of both cultural-zeitgeisty and self-specific references, tropes, and iconography, she explores the inherent overlap (and possible spectrum) that exists between the open/vulnerable, the self-indulgent/narcissistic, and the shameful/cringe, within the contexts of public self-presentation and personal self-understanding. She is based in New York City and Baltimore, Maryland.

More on Meg's Work Follow her on Instagram at: @megspectre


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