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Resident Artist Spotlight: Michele Blu

This week we're highlighting Le Mondo's resident artists participating in Baltimore's Bromo Arts Walk. Find more about the June 23rd art event HERE!


Michele is a Kemetic Yoga teacher, healer, creator, and multidisciplinary artist based in Baltimore, MD. She is the Founder of Michele Blu Yoga & Art Studio, Blu Treasures Handmade Crafts, and Co-founder of Kemetic Lullaby. Michele sees her varying practices as tools that encourage ancient wisdom to tap into the contemporary world, deepening communal power through ancestral rooting and encouraging liberation within both the physical & spiritual self.

A practitioner of yoga for over two decades, Michele opened the first Black-owned-and-operated yoga studio in Baltimore in 2008. In June 2022, she opened her third studio here in Baltimore. In addition to her yoga practice, Michele creates unique, hand-crafted fashion pieces inspired by the African diaspora and creates music with her duo Kemetic Lullaby.

Connect with Michele: @blutresures More about Michele:

From 5PM - 9PM on June 23rd, Michele will be presenting a pop-up closet of her wearable art pieces for purchase during the Bromo Art Walk.


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