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Artist Spotlight: Pique Collective

Friday and Saturday, April 1 & 2 at 8PM, Le Mondo is presenting two evenings of new work from our friends at Pique Collective. Composers Jeffrey Earl Young, Michael Kibbe, and Jeremy Lyons have crafted pieces of music that maximize the sonic possibilities of the Pique instrumentation. We're so happy to have them return to Le Mondo!

Meet Pique Collective

Pique Collective is a Baltimore-based group of classically trained musicians making modern sounds. The ensemble includes flutes, percussion, keyboards, guitars, cello, and vocals. Pique performs original compositions, works by living composers, arrangements of older pieces, and improvised creations.

In addition to musical performances, the group collaborates with painters, sculptors, video artists, poets, and entrepreneurs to produce multi-media events. Just the kind of work Le Mondo loves to make happen!

Before the show, check out some of Pique Collective's work on YouTube or visit their website to learn more!


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