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Artist Spotlight: Rumput

Le Mondo is psyched to bring you experimental multimedia performance artist group, Rumput, from Richmond, VA alongside local legend Katherine Fahey. Rumput will be premiering two new commissioned works from scrolling panorama artist Dani Iswardana and musician Danis Sugiyanto, both of whom are from Java, Indonesia.

About Rumput

Rumput (Richmond, VA) plays keroncong (a string-band tradition from Indonesia) and explores parallel threads with other traditions, especially old-time string-band music of the United States and British Isles, and Indonesian gamelan. They produce multimedia performances involving traditional and original music paired with shadow theater comprising elements of American and Indonesian traditions — crankies (scrolling panoramas) and wayang (shadow puppets). Rumput has learned from and collaborated with Danis Sugiyanto and a number of other Javanese musicians for many years.

About Katherine Fahey

Katherine Fahey (Baltimore, MD) utilizes crankies to tell folks tales as far-reaching as the southern swamps of Louisiana and the northern reaches of Inuit Quebec, but also tell true stories from her childhood in Virginia or from the streets of Baltimore. "For the last 10 years, I have been exploring visual storytelling through illustration, paper cutting, and shadow puppetry. Collecting memories from songs, folk tales, and my own experience of the world, I stage narrative allegories, mostly in silhouette."


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