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Artist Spotlight: The Yonder Cabinet

In Plain Sight(site), a short-run interdisciplinary performance series at Le Mondo, continues this Thursday, June 24th. We are highlighting all the wonderful and diverse performers of the evening. Follow us on Instagram @lemondoarts for more!

The Yonder Cabinet

Views From Yonder presents a videoscape of portals to the literary places artists have explored and call home, and the viewer is invited to travel vicariously through these vistas to share and experience these private, imaginary worlds.

Work featured during In Plain Sight(site) comes from The Yonder Cabinet—a project uniting artists through the love of reading and seeking to discover new ways to share stories and experience spaces at a time where the importance of the book as object and the role of physical gallery spaces is increasingly challenged.

Want to view the The Yonder Cabinet in person? It is currently on display at Maryland Art Place in the SPARK IV exhibition from May 6 – June 24.

Kelley Bell

Kelley Bell (she/her) is an artist, animator and educator living in Baltimore Maryland. Her work draws from a penny arcade of visual influences: automata, midcentury design and illustration, midway rides, carnival games and hand-lettered signage. Her work has appeared as close by as the Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, and as far away as Animafest Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia. Kelley holds an MFA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and a BFA in Graphic Design from Pratt Institute. She is an Associate Professor of Design and Director of the Intermedia and Digital Arts MFA program at UMBC.

Learn more about her at Follow her on Instagram: @kewweybean

Beth Yashnyk

Beth Yashnyk is an interdisciplinary visual artist living and working in Baltimore City. She earned an MFA in Multidisciplinary Fine Art from the Mount Royal School of Art at Maryland Institute College of Art, and a BFA in Printmaking from the State University of New York at New Paltz. Through the use of animation, installation, sculpture, printmaking, and painting, Beth's work explores the sexual, physical, and emotional labor performed by queer bodies.

More information can be found at

Follow her on Instagram: @beth_yashnyk_studio

Jim Doran

Jim Doran (he/him) earned a BA in Music from Washington College and an MFA from Towson University in Studio Art. Jim makes tiny cut paper dioramas in small discarded objects, and animates stop motion films for which he composes and records all sound and music. Jim also works as a Web developer/designer at UMBC, and lives in Baltimore city.

More can be found at

Follow him on Instagram:

Melissa Penley Cormier

Melissa Penley Cormier (she/her) earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in InterMedia and Digital Arts and a BFA in oil painting from Radford University. She is currently the manager of Research Graphics at UMBC, a core facility who's mission is to help researchers create and produce the best images and designs possible to communicate their work effectively. Originally from and still missing the Appalachian Mountains, Melissa can now be found in or around Baltimore, Maryland.

More on Melissa's work here: Follow her on Instagram: @melissapenleycormier

Jenny O’Grady

A native of the Eastern Shore, Jenny O’Grady (she/her) writes and makes book art in Baltimore. She is editor of UMBC Magazine and Director of Content Development at UMBC, and also editor of The Light Ekphrastic, which since February 2010 has paired hundreds of writers and visual artists from all over the world to create new works online. She has taught book arts and electronic publishing as an adjunct professor in the University of Baltimore’s Creative Writing and Publishing Arts MFA program, where she earned her MFA in 2006.

You can see more of her work at

Follow her on Instagram: @jennyogradybookarts


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