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Job Opportunity: Le Mondo Venue Manager

Oh my goodness! We are hiring! Are you interested in joining our team and making some magic happen? Submit an application! Do you know others who might be interested? Pass it along! Interviews will be conducted by July 2022.

Venue Manager Position Description


Located in downtown Baltimore, Le Mondo is an artist-run bar & performance venue for artists and art-lovers with diverse arts programming and studio spaces. We support our creative community by providing affordable, flexible space to make and present art. At Le Mondo, we host a slate of in-house-produced arts programming and community gatherings as well as outside public and private rental events.


The Venue Manager works in close collaboration with the Founding Executive Director and is responsible for the day-to-day management of programming and venue operations at Le Mondo.

As Venue Manager, you’ll act as a community ambassador to our performance venue. You’ll ensure that all events at Le Mondo, both in-house programming and outside rentals, are staffed appropriately and run smoothly in a safe and welcoming environment for all artists and patrons.

This role will provide you a unique opportunity and voice in shaping our young venue and growing operations. You’ll help identify and execute strategies to grow revenue for the venue. You’ll also have a supporting voice in our ongoing collaborative program design, helping realize a robust slate of programming activity at Le Mondo with the Founding Executive Director and the Programming Advisory Team.

And as Le Mondo grows, you’ll grow too! You will have the opportunity to co-develop your role in the team, as well as scale hours and compensation.


You’re a creative and personable person who has a few years of experience under your belt in arts management, events production, and/or curation.

  • You love being a part of the creative community and making magic happen with limited resources.

  • You’re looking to make connections, build community, and take your experience to the next level in a collaborative, hands-on environment.

You’re an amazing communicator.

  • You understand the importance of clear, intentional communication in a collaborative environment. And you’re good at it too!

  • You are energized by working with a diversity of people and find it easy to move amongst and engage a wide array of lived experiences and communication styles.

You’re curious and self-starting and don’t mind a good challenge.

  • You love getting hands-on and trouble-shooting a problem. You apply a creative mindset to all your work.

You are organized and focused.

  • You see tasks through to their completion and love creating structures and processes that allow you and your collaborators to work together more efficiently.

You have an uncanny ability to move between high-level, systems-based thinking and day-to-day problem-solving.

  • You can manage what’s needed today while envisioning opportunities and laying the groundwork for future growth.

You’re a leader and a team player.

  • You can make sure all critical tasks are accounted for and dive in when something needs to be done.

You know your way around Google products (Gmail Suite, Drive, and Docs), Adobe Cloud Suite products, Microsoft Office, and maybe even Asana.

You are comfortable with some basic digital communication tools (Wix, Mailchimp, Instagram, or TikTok)

  • Thinking about ways to better engage arts audiences with these tools is something of interest to you.



Venue Relations

  • Lead point person for venue logistics, coordination, and communications. Including: on-site tours for prospective clients,, in-house programming, and outside rentals

Event Management and Staffing

  • On-site house management for programming and outside rentals

  • Developing and maintaining a stable of overhire venue support as needed for events including: bartenders, door people, house managers, security, etc.

  • Scheduling appropriate staffing for each event, working in coordination with Technical Director for technical needs and support

  • Co-developing new venue bible for protocols and procedures

  • Training staff and overhire in front of house procedures

Event Reports and Tracking (Close-Outs)

  • Preparing front of house reports per event for monthly review

  • Collecting event income for deposit

  • Artist and event overhire payments

  • Reporting venue maintenance and bar restocking needs


Collaborative Program Design

  • Providing support and input for programs development with the Founding Executive Director and Programming Advisory Team

  • Making suggestions to increase programming and rentals revenue and meet monthly financial goals

Rentals Coordination

  • Soliciting and responding to rental queries in a prompt and professional manner

  • Producing rental quotes

  • Staffing and coordinating rentals

  • Updating venue calendar

Marketing and Communications

  • Collecting marketing materials and images from artists


Availability on Nights and Weekends necessary

Starting at $20/hr | Not all hours required on-site

Starts Part-Time and will scale to Full-Time

Opportunity to enhance compensation and benefits with role



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