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EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Mind on Fire presents I Peered to the Other Side & Blood of a Poet

From the big, beautiful minds of Baltimore artists come two big, beautiful theatrical music works to Le Mondo. And you have two chances to see them!

A poster for Mind on Fire's show at Le Mondo in Baltimore

New music ensemble and performance experimenters, MIND ON FIRE, return this Saturday and Sunday, April 27th and 28th, at 8PM.

This multidisciplinary evening of performance will feature the world premiere of I PEERED TO THE OTHER SIDE and the Jean Cocteau-inspired BLOOD OF A POET.


Mind on Fire Presents...

April 27 & 28, 8PM $20 - 30



I Peered to the Other Side

A World Premiere from Daoure Diongue

A black and white drawing of a feminine figure with their back turned to a shadowy figure

A poly-stylistic exploration of connection and translation, the piece features a quartet of jazz-focused multi-instrumentalists paired with a classical music-focused string quartet who are both illuminated by a pair of dancers during the performance.

Throughout the piece, Diongue's composed music goes through a series of translations - first through the improvising jazz quartet whose sounds are then contextualized by the classical quartet and ultimately all re-translated by the movement artists. All in real time!

It’s sweet music about grief, a meditation on connections that bloom in the field then wither at the change of season - - seeded with earnest melodies and insistent grooves.

Featuring Daoure Diongue, Jamal Moore, Jenna Balderson, Robert Karpay, Gracie Carney, Reyna Pannel, Karin Kilper, Robin Rhodes, and LaTeisha Melvin.

A photo of composer Daoure Diongue against a red wall


Daoure Diongue grew up in Baltimore and attended the city's prestigious Baltimore School for the Arts. He has remained in the city as both an artist and BSA teacher. Here he has continued to develop a unique music style founded in jazz, but intensely focused on narrative and story telling.

Blood of a Poet

Ruby Fulton, in conversation with Jean Cocteau's Blood of Poet

An image from Jean Cocteau's Blood of a Poet featuring a reclining figure in a white mask, surrounding by swirling shapes

Ruby Fulton's Blood of a Poet is a soundtrack created for the surreal Jean Cocteau film of the same name.

The film, released in 1932, came at the peak of the early French cinema avant-garde. It explores themes of fame and death, spectacle and intimacy, snowballs and living statues. Fulton's music apprehends the similar dichotomies to Cocteau's work, employing musical surrealism to explore the hallucinatory quality of a dream.

The result is esoteric music about disorientation, an excavation of experimental imagery crystalized in theatrical post-minimalism.

Featuring Ruby Fulton, Nonoka Mizukami, Kristen Toedtman, and a few mystery guests!


A photo of composer Ruby Fulton looking away from the camera and holding a stack of sheet music

Ruby Fulton

Ruby Fulton is a long-time Baltimore resident, having achieved her doctorate at the Peabody Conservatory. Her music is marked by extroverted, motoric rhythms and community engagement.

She continues to teach in Baltimore and freelances often with a diverse variety of experimental ensembles in the city.


An ensemble of musicians in blue light being led by a conductor.


Mind on Fire is an experimental, new music ensemble based here in Baltimore. With a focus on new or under-produced works by living composers, their performances take place across an array of venues in the region and often incorporate multidisciplinary performers into dialogue with them.

Founded in 2016, Mind on Fire is the result of countless late night discussions about the future of classical music, and whether it is a tradition that must be preserved. It is also the result of discussions about the future of classical musicians--although they study a type of historical performance, these musicians are contemporary artists of the time, finding their inspiration from the events happening around them.

The ultimate result--Mind on Fire--is a cooperative of highly trained musicians whose goal is to eliminate barriers--the barriers between audience and musician, between classically-trained musicians and artists from every discipline, and the barrier between any music lover and the tools needed to make the music of their dreams.


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