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Resident Artist Spotlight: Noelle Tolbert

TIDAL SHIFT is back in 2023 with a fresh slate of artists presenting both developing and new dance works to the public.

TIDAL SHIFT is a new dance and movement series, created to provide an ongoing platform for dancers and movers that explores community building, artistic innovation, and boldness through experimentation. Our next performance night is SATURDAY, MARCH 18, at 8PM.

Get to know the series creator, resident artist Noelle Tolbert, below!

Meet Noelle

I am a powerful, Black, female performance artist and choreographer based in Baltimore, MD. In addition to my personal arts practice, I build youth and adult dance programming in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

As a dance educator, I currently collaborate with local school teachers to develop arts-integrated curriculum. As a resident artist at Le Mondo, my work is informed by a sense of adventurousness and a passion to intellectually challenge and artistically stretch both myself and my collaborators. Ultimately, I view performance as a living, breathing tool for transformation; one that should be accessible for all.


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