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Welcome Tiaira Harris to the Le Mondo fam!

We are beyond thrilled to welcome the newest addition to our Le Mondo family, Tiaira Harris. She is joining our small and mighty team as our first-ever-omg-big girl pants-#blessed-official as heck-ain’t this exciting VENUE MANAGER for our performance space, bar, and artist studios here on our little corner of downtown Baltimore’s Howard Street.

Whether you’re working with us on a new performance, renting the space for your own event, grabbing a drink, or seeing a show, Tiaira will be the one helping make that magic happen as we continue to grow with more art events and opportunities for you to see/make new performance work here in the city.

She’ll be hosting open office hours on -many, but not all- Fridays from 5PM - 10PM if you ever want to set up a time to stop in, grab a drink, and talk about the space IRL! Email tiaira (at) lemondo (dot) org!


Tiaira Harris is a Baltimore-based artist and professional with over ten years of experience in program management for social justice causes. Born and raised in West Baltimore, Tiaira has spent her career working professionally and creatively to connect Baltimore City community members with the resources they need to thrive with integrity in our city. She has worked as a Program Manager at a number of non-profit organizations in Baltimore. In addition to this work, Tiaira has cultivated her creative voice performing as Berko Lover, releasing a variety of musical projects. She also serves as Board Chair and member of the Grimalkin Collective - a record label driven by the mentorship and support of queer and trans musicians, particularly BIPOC and disabled artists - focusing on an artist-centered holistic approach to dissolve barriers, create new systems and structures of support, and expand the overall reach of marginalized voices to new audiences.

Words from Tiaira:

I love our neighborhood. I grew up coming here as a child. I’ve worked here as an adult. Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the people, the big buildings, and the beautiful architecture of this area. One of my oldest and most cherished memories was actually preserved in a photo taken down the block on Howard Street: It was a picture of me on my birthday. My mother & I had just left Lexington Market with my cake. A man with a Bart Simpson plush doll sitting on the handle of his mobility scooter is passing by. I no longer have that photo but I keep the electric feeling of that day. Every time I walk on the sidewalk nearing Eutaw Street, I am filled with that same sense of excitement and overwhelming pride for the Charm of my City.
It’s only fitting I’m now a part of Le Mondo. Our team exemplifies to me everything charming and unique about Baltimore - our venue is gorgeous with accessible rates, our small team is wonderfully talented, and everyone at the space is extremely dedicated to the arts in our city. Once again, I am filled with that electric feeling and I'm excited to show Howard Street some gratitude for all it’s done for me over the course of my life.


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