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Baltimore Magazine

Indie Arts Venue Le Mondo Opens Its Doors

Much like the art that will be experienced here, the interior aesthetic of the soon-to-open, artist-owned space Le Mondo is experimental, nonlinear, and slightly unorthodox—a collage of various time periods, architectural styles, and visions housed under one roof (and, if things go according to plan, two more roofs by 2020).

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Best of Baltimore 2017

Baltimore Magazine


Washington Post

Buildings and Songs: Baltimore Theatre Scene's New Projects

Artists can help revitalize derelict strips; the city and state can help the artists get started. The combination, Bales says, means Baltimore is “able and empowered to take huge, bold risks.”

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Baltimore Magazine

Artist-Run Spaces to Watch

"There's an energy and history to Howard Street that's palpable even today," says Bales



Owning It

"What Le Mondo and Current represent are models and catalysts for other sustainable arts activities," Solomon says.


Baltimore Sun

Amid Discussion on Safe Arts Spaces, a Look at Three Groups Baltimore Can Learn From

Cultural activity has been blooming in the downtown Bromo Arts District — and one of the most ambitious projects is Le Mondo, an arts development nonprofit organization led by artists

Le Mondo Offers Extra Realism with First Production

"There's a history we don't talk about, a history that didn't stop in 1980 or 1990," Moritz says. "Anthony's play acknowledges that history. He shows you the whole network of friends he had among the squatters up and down the street."

If We Want Arts in Baltimore, We Need Artists

It’s in my interest that artists be able to stay for the long term. And it only seems fair that if I'm going to build equity because of their work, they be able to build equity too.


Baltimore Sun

Theatre Hub Project for Howard Street Gets Green Light

This is not just another redevelopment project, but something conceived as a downright noble cause. There's something very cool and heartening about such idealism and committment. Considering that the arts groupsare part of the DIY, decidedly low-budget movement in town, there's something very brave about all of this, too...

The next great chapter in the history of downtown Baltimore is just waiting to be written. The first, tantalizing paragraphs were provided on Thursday [with this approval for Le Mondo].


Baltimore City Paper

Vaudeville Again

They imagine a much different vista than one sees today when looking at the crumbling buildings on Howard, with performance spaces lining the street, and rather than competing, helping to bring more vitality to the area and to each group.

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Baltimore City Paper

Artist-Run Initiative Le Mondo Develops on Howard Street

"I feel like with performance and arts in general in the city, there seems to be this big gulf as though you're either real DIY and really vying and fighting for resources, or you're [a] very large regional arts organization and you have resources," he says. "I think that one of the big problems that we have is that we have a lack of spectrum that sits in the middle there."

(Photo Credit: Carly J. Bales)

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