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Resident Artist Spotlight: Bashi Rose

This week we're highlighting Le Mondo's resident artists participating in Baltimore's Bromo Arts Walk this Thursday, June 23rd, from 5PM - 9PM. Find more about the art event HERE.


Bashi Rose is a theater artist, musician, and filmmaker. He was raised in West Baltimore and was nurtured, inspired, and trained in his craft by the Baltimore Arts Community.

As a musician, Bashi uses the drum-kit as a creative tool for mental/spiritual healing and as a bridge between the spirit and physical worlds. He is the co-founder of Konjur Collective, a multidisciplinary group using music, video, and spoken word to create radical, experimental, and spiritual Black art. He has performed and had work produced in numerous venues including: the High Zero Festival of Experimental Improvised Music, Baltimore Rhythm Festival, San Francisco Black Film Festival, Black Femme Supremacy Film Fest, Black Panther Party Film festival, HipHop Theatre Festival, Creative Alliance, Arena Players, The Ottobar, Mind on Fire, Rhizome DC, New York International Fringe Festival, and the Schomburg Center.

Bashi also wields his artistry as a force of community good. In 2007, he helped establish D.R.A.M.A, a program designed to bring theater to prisons and to help engender communication and empathy. This project began at the Maryland Correctional Training Center in Hagerstown, Maryland. In 2012, Bashi was awarded an Open Society Institute fellowship to expand the program. In addition to this work, Bashi is the co-founder New Generation Scholars, a youth program that allows Baltimore youth to study the African Diaspora and travel nationally and internationally.

Connect with Bashi: @bashirose

More on his work HERE


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