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Artist Spotlight: Kemetic Lullaby

IN PLAIN SIGHT(site) is the immersive performance series we’ve been doing during the pandemic. Each iteration, a cycle of artists present new work exploring the concept of PORTALS. Audiences navigate the performances as they rise and fall across the space. In part five of IN PLAIN SIGHT(site), a new cycle of artists continue this exploration of portals and doorways to other realities on Saturday, February 7th, at 8PM.

We're highlighting the artists you'll see all this week!

Meet Kemetic Lullaby

Kemetic Lullaby is a duo grounded in improvisational, soulful, spiritual, and creative self-expression. Both part of the Le Mondo studio family, Michele Blu (Singing Bowls, Percussion, Akai MPX8) and Bashi Rose (Drumkit, Percussion) bring their talents and life experience to the collaboration with music intended to channel ancient vitality and spirit through a modern African Diasporic lens.


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