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Event Spotlight: A Very Special Evening of spaceartjazzpunk

We're so very pleased to make space for a entirely new genre of musical experience this Saturday, November 19th, at 7PM. Join us for A Very Special Evening of spaceartjazzpunk.

What is spaceartjazzpunk, you may ask?

Be the first to find out... and please tell us when you do!

Pioneering this musical awakening is Now Birds, the newest project from Baltimore's Francis Dempster; Jazzpunk sensation James Bondage; Artpunks Red Tank! from NYC; and local surf legends The Flying Faders.


Now Birds (Baltimore)

A new mystery project from Francis Dempster (The Holographic Sticker Club). Be the first to find out.

James Bondage (Baltimore)

James Bondage is a Baltimore-based semi-free-form musical project spearheaded by Tom Yewell and Ino, exploring the in-betweens of jazz, noise, silence, organic machine learning, and Richard Harris' MacArthur Park. Each performance is a bespoke experience, generally featuring a new musical guest to inform the sonic direction and make sure everyone gets home safe. Tonight's guest is Kent Rausch! James Bondage will feature Kent Rausch on drums, Tom Yewell on drums, voice, and electronics, and Ino on drums and guitar.

Red Tank! (NYC)

Red Tank! is an autonomous war machine; jubilance against the face of extinction; harmony in chaos; dystopian punk; folk songs of the forsaken. Originally from Phoenix, but presently based in New York, Red Tank! is a garage punk / art punk band known for their energetic live shows and existential, complex lyricism. Founded in 2010, they've released 3 studio records, a number of singles and EPs, and have been on 5 regional tours across the United States. They've incorporated various members over the years, performing over 250 shows, including guerrilla sets, desert festivals and space protests.

The Flying Faders (Baltimore)

The Flying Faders have been slinging shoegaze-tinged surf instrumentals since 2011, weaving together tales from the fabric of space on the loom of the occult and delivering justice to evil-doers.


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