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Intern Spotlight: Vivian Auren

Hi! My name is Vivian Auren, and I’m a current intern at Le Mondo. I am a junior year student at MICA, majoring in graphic design. I am most interested in film, time-based media, design, and activism. I identify as queer, trans (nonbinary), and chronically ill/disabled. This all began when I started a queer advocacy program for a year and a half my senior year of high school- and now, to this day, I continue to be involved in queer and trans activism in the DMV area.

I love working collaboratively towards a common design-oriented goal within the context of dismantling structures that uphold whiteness, colonialism, ableism, eugenics, fatphobia, whorephobia, etc. Solidarity is incredibly important to me in my practice. Freshman year, I started March For Our Lives MICA, which speaks about and listens to preventative tactics re: the link between marginalized identities and gun violence.

I hope that in 2020, designers, artists and creatives can focus on ourselves and our mental health. Artists have consistently been undervalued, and this can negatively impact our relationships and practice. Since the pandemic has started, I’ve heavily relied on community support for things like disinfectant, mask information, and recommendations on how to stay safe. I know we can make sacred and important spaces of our own during this pandemic.

What is inspiring me right now: New music! One of my current favorites is Kehlani’s new album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t.

How I am practicing self-care right now: Establishing a routine. It sounds corny but routine has been proven to up our mental and physical health by giving our body what it expects more consistently.

My favorite spots in Baltimore: Red Emma’s, Milk & Honey, Skatepark of Baltimore!

An artist or piece of art that inspires my own work: Yinka Shonibare’s concepts are so well thought out and the execution is !!!. I can only hope to have my conceptual work be that solid one day!


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