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EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Cachitas Now! (Argentina) with Ray Winder and DJ Planet

What to do in Baltimore: queer cumbia band Cachitas Now (Argentina) plays at Le Mondo

This Saturday, June 17th, join us for Cachitas Now! (Argentina) to Baltimore during their first-ever US Tour! Cachitas Now! with opener Ray Winder and a closing set from DJ Planet. Do not miss this very unique performance of genre-bending dance tunes to groove and shake to! You can learn more about the performers below!






Cachitas Now! playing music on stage

Cachitas Now! (Argentina)

Cachitas Now! is a queer cumbia band from La Plata, Argentina, that has been shaking up the vibrant indie music scene outside of Buenos Aires since their formation in 2011.

Their seven member group melds Argentine cumbia, tango, and folk idioms with urban rhythms like trap and reggaeton. The result? A fun-as-hell, danceable, and infectiously exuberant party sound that you can't resist moving to.

"When it was formed, Cachitas was a band of ‘femininities,’ and 80% of the members were lesbians,” [lead singer] Lobos explained, using a term from Argentina’s LGBTQ+ community that refers to anyone whose gender inclines towards the feminine. “We started playing without realizing it was a statement to have so many diverse voices singing on stage. Cachitas Now! emerged because, as lesbians at that time, we didn’t feel so ‘cachos’ (big, tough), but rather ‘cachitas’ (a term that conveys a more affectionate quality). And we wondered, when will Cachitas play? Now!”

Their lyrics call out social issues, push for women’s empowerment, and reject sexual and gender stereotypes to tell everyday stories in a context of freedom and a search for healthy relationships. Their message is based on radical inclusion– the certainty that there are multiple ways of connecting, that romantic love is for all, and that the hetero norm has to be overthrown. And they do it all with the joy of a crowded dance floor.

Cachitas Now! has released three studio albums: Cumbia Desgenerada (2016), Chonga (2019), which was nominated for “Best Tropical Album” at the 2020 Gardel Awards, and most recently, Living la Vida Cumbia (2022). Cachitas Now! features Melisa Lobos (Vocals), Noelia Sinkunas (Synthesizer), Tomás Llancafil Williams (Vocals/Electric Guitar), Melisa Montejano (Bass), Guadalupe Mambrin (Octapad),Matías Rodríguez (Timbales), and Jonás Gómez Dip (Güira).

with Ray Winder

Born, raised, & educated in Baltimore City, Ray is a dynamic performer, conductor, and composer, known for her cinematic sound & dreamy vocals.

With her forthcoming EP, Vingettes, the singer continues to explore her "Dream Grunge" sound alongside her musical roots as a classically trained saxophonist raised on Baltimore club music, soul, and jazz. Follow her artistic journey on all platforms @raywinder.

Closing DJ set by DJ Planet!


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