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EVENT SPOTLIGHT : Basher (New Orleans) x Konjur Collective

Basher (New Orleans) plays Baltimore at Le Mondo on June 29th

Looking for things to do in Baltimore this June? Thursday, June 29th, Le Mondo presents another great night of local and visiting artists to Baltimore with New Orleans-based band Basher alongside house-favorites Konjur Collective. You can grab tickets and learn more about the performers below!

DATE: Thursday, June 29th DOORS: 7PM





New Orleans' acclaimed "free jazz party band'' Basher joins Baltimore's Konjur CNew Orleans' acclaimed "free jazz party band'' Basher plays Baltimore at Le Mondo

BASHER (New Orleans)

Basher is New Orleans' "free jazz party band'' playing highly improvisational dance music with a rock energy and a jazz spirit, propelled by two drumsets, analog synthesizers and two horns. Led by saxophonist and composer Byron Asher, Basher has garnered the adoration of the New Orleans creative music scene with its combination of danceable grooves, anthemic melodies, and wild clash of acoustic and electronic textures.

They've been playing listening rooms, dive bars, train tunnels, and arenas across the US since 2017. In 2022, they released their new LP "Doubles" on Sinking City Records, which Downbeat gave 4 stars, claiming it "slaps," and Pitchfork called "unbearably beautiful."

Unbearably beautiful. Doubles pays tribute to New Orleans' abundant spirit.

Stunning...It slaps. Is it free jazz? Is it a party? At times it's one; at times it's another. It's definitely worth checking out. 4 stars.

Preconceptions and genre categories are hurled out of the window. It’s a party. No clipboards or box-ticking allowed.

Stick with them long enough, and Basher might be the kind of artist other artists are sampling decades down the line. Top 50 of 2022.

Konjur Collective (Baltimore) plays alongside the band Basher (New Orleans) this June 29th at Le Mondo in Baltimore

Konjur Collective (Baltimore)

Konjur Collective incorporates the talents of a host of musicians and artists. Our sounds form a creative improvisational mash-up of free artistic expression for the advancement of Black Music and culture. Inspired by the pulse of Bmore, hip-hop, free Jazz, Black Radical politics and spiritual/musical practices of the African Diaspora, we believe that people of African descent should reconnect to our ancestors, history, and identity in a rebellious, creative, and liberating way that contributes to a future void of commercialism and watered-down Black expression.

Really heady work from this Baltimore group who mix free jazz improvisation and live electronics, but at a level that's a lot more intense than most other combos who've worked in similar territory! Drummer Bashi Rose provides key energy at the core – and the rest of the group features Show Azar on synthesizer and Jamal Moore on alto, trombone, percussion, and a range of electronics too – working with Azar to make the trio lineup equally balanced between acoustic sounds and electric ones! The electronics get quite intense at times, and are matched by equal intensity in the horn work – as Rose measures his contributions on drums in just the right way. Titles include "George Jackson", "Illegitimate Law", "Dog Star Warrior", "Spirit Realm", and "Revolution Should Be Love Inspired".


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