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Studio Artist Spotlight: Robin Rhodes

On Thursday, September 23, 5PM - 9PM, Le Mondo will be opening its doors for the free, neighborhood-wide Bromo Arts Walk.

As you explore our arts district, you can stop in, check out some art, and grab a drink at our bar. Six of our resident studio artists will be present and sharing their work in the space. You will also be able to contribute to "The Collection Center", an interactive installation in conjunction with the upcoming October edition of our In Plain Sight(site) performance series.

We're spotlighting some of our resident studio artists you'll see during the night.

Meet Robin Rhodes

Robin Rhodes (he/him) is a bassist, improviser, and educator committed to dynamic projects that use the arts to bring people together.

Follow him at: @r_g_r_4_2_0

Follow studio mate Rohan Pathare at: @oh.i.died


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